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What is NSA?

Network Spinal Analysis, (NSA) aka Network Spinal, Network Chiropractic, involves the use of a series of gentle contacts (an entrainment) along areas of the neck and spine which alert the brain to release chronic tension and trauma, as well as everyday stress, from the spine and nervous system.

Unresolved stress will create tension in the spine, muscles, and nerves, causing tension to the body’s organs and systems. This can lead to varying states of pain and disease. As these subtle touches/contacts are applied through NSA LEVELS OF CARE, the body/mind can begin to function in a more integrated, flexible fashion, and be able to more easily recognize and respond to stress, while developing more empowered strategies for sustainable wellness.

We perceive our world through the nervous system. It is also through the nervous system that we coordinate the function of every cell, organ and tissue in the body. Every region of the body and every emotion is expressed through the nervous system. Also it’s the part of us with which we reason and which adapts us to stress and it’s the vehicle we use to create our conscious reality. So, when an event occurs that our brain decides is not safe for us to fully experience at that particular time, the energy and information of the event is translated into vibration and tension, which is then stored in the body. This tension begins to distort the spinal system: Spinal bones (the vertebrae) lose their normal alignment and muscles and ligaments strain and pull. Nerves can become compressed or stretched and irritated which results in abnormal function. As the nervous system is put under pressure, the spine is no longer able to right itself without outside help. Our body then ‘closes off’ the offending energy and tension, but over time, muscular tightness, spinal distortion, reduced breathing into the area occurs and consequently reduced movement results. Until it is safe to experience that energy again, and digest the information from the trauma, we cannot really feel whole or well.

Dr. Donald Epstein (founder of NSA) says: “This is a very real thing – anyone who is at the crossroads of life, physically, emotionally or spiritually, or anyone who cannot get further than they were before needs Network care to help their brain to move from stress physiology which results in a person’s structure being fixed in defense posture. In fact most of us remain in defense mode throughout our lives and this can retard the higher, more evolved area of the brain from developing its unique properties and evolving new strategies for experiencing and responding to life. There are many people whose vertebrae, ligaments and tissues are locked into stress patterns, creating so much tension, that their focus in life is just getting through another day! Network care allows the brain to move from the stress physiology into safety.”

So how does the practitioner go about relieving this stress?

Dr. Epstein says: “I found that by using gentle and specific touches in a consistent sequence, where the spinal cord attaches to the spine, a patient’s own body learns to release complex patterns of tension and areas of disablement. Once this has been achieved, a further unwinding of deeper tensions from the spine occurs. These ‘touches’ consist of gentle finger or hand contacts applied at ‘spinal gateways™’ or ‘access points’ along the neck and lower spine. They are applied in such a way as to engage the higher part of the brain, the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex. This is the most recently developed region of our brain and is the area through which we observe ourselves and make choices regarding our behavior. This is the area through which we can reach a higher level of humanity, one which embraces spirituality and evolution.”

During Network Spinal Analysis™ care, two ‘healing waves’ develop. One is a breathing wave which releases tension throughout the spine and body and relaxes a person. The other is called somatopsychic (or body-mind) wave™, which is associated with undulation or movement of the spine.

Watch the goop series on Netflix, episode titled, ‘the energetic experience’ for more information.

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