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“I recently had a total hip replacement surgery. Afterwards, I had a physical therapist come to my home 3x a week and he was quite fascinated by the speedy recovery I was making at my age, 74. He asked what I was doing. Simultaneously I was getting Chiropractic care with Dr. Marc Violante, which I attribute to my speedy recovery. Typical time to be able to drive a vehicle is 8 weeks after surgery. I was asked to drive by my therapist at the 4th week mark. I was able to climb into my car without pain and drive!”

Dolores T.
“I came to Dr. Marc with a dire pain in my back and at my wit’s end. He made me feel very comfortable and went the extra mile, working on me for as long as he felt I needed. In the end, the pain is gone and I feel rejuvenated! Dr. Marc is truly in a class of his own, working on people because he really wants to make them feel better. I would recommend him heartily to anyone.” Devin K.
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